Trance Healing is a wonderful and powerful method of energy healing that has its origins in English spiritualism. During a session, as a medium I am brought into a changed state of consciousness by the spirit world, whereby space is created for the energy from the spirit world on certain levels of consciousness. That means that I become a channel for energizing vibrations that can initiate in you a deep healing process.


Discomforts can be treated on a mental, physical and physical level and the spirit world decides which healing impulses are sent. Healing can be initiated and supported during one single session. It is important to mention that I only serve as a channel and that the spirit world does the actual work. As a medium, I am supported by a whole team of specialists and healers from the spirit world.


Trance Healing can be used for any type of discomfort, pain, or negative thought pattern. It also helps to resolve emotional blockages as well as burnout and depression. A trance healing session is also a wonderful support for regaining your own spiritual abilities.

It can also help you leave your comfort zone, grow, and develop on all levels.


Since the spirit world is only interested in our well-being and has the appropriate knowledge to help us, they will exactly know how much energy you'll need.

Be certain that the spirit world always wants your best and you can rely on it.


After the healing, I often receive messages from the spirit world that may help you recognize and dissolve your issue.


Please do not tell me your issue before the healing so that I can approach the session in a free an neutral way.


Note: Trancehealing is also ideally suited for healing animals and my experience with them has been very good.


Place/Distant Healing:

For a private session, you can either come to my place in Starnberg or you can also book a distant healing by phone. If you wish to receive a distant healing, you can easily relax at home while receiving the healing. After the transfer of the energies I'll call you and we'll discuss your issue or I'll submit messages from the spirit world that may be helpful for your healing process.


Cost and duration:

The cost of a private session is EUR 120 incl. VAT. A session lasts approx. 1 hour including follow-up discussion.



For an onsite session payment shall be effected in cash.

For a session by phone payment will be done in advance via PayPal or wire transfer.


Intensive Transformation (Session package):

If you have several issues that you wish to transform, an Intensive-Transformation-Package may be helpful. We arrange a session package of a total of 3 sessions of 1 hour, each with an interval of two weeks. Within one month, you will experience an intense transformation and an enormous increase of your energy.

For the package you can choose from all my techniques (Thetahealing, Soulreading, Soulhealing, Trancehealing) and tie it up as you like.

The price for a session package is EUR 350 incl. VAT.

Payment is made in advance via wire transfer/PayPal or in cash.