Theta Healing

ThetaHealing is one of the most powerful energy healing techniques of our time. ThetaHealing is a kind of meditation process that uses theta brain waves to effect healing on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. ThetaHealing operates directly with the Divine creativity by which anything is possible. 


This beneficial healing method primarily focuses on changing limiting beliefs and on integrating positive feelings. It it scientifically proven that both our emotions and the power of thoughts have a direct impact on our physical and mental well-being as well as our health and quality of life. 


With ThetaHealing limiting beliefs and old patters, of which we are often not even aware, are resolved quickly. Inconvenient programs are replaced by new positive ones. Moreover, it is possible to download positive emotions such as joy, love or sense of security from the level of the Creator and to integrate them into the whole human system. 


During a brief introductory conversation, concerns and objectives are formulated. Then the ThetaHealing Practitioner will perform a so-called "reading" in which the main issues of the session can emerge. 

Gradually, different concerns can be detected, explored, transformed and finally dissolved. Everything happens in agreement with the client and for the highest good of all parties. 


ThetaHealing can change your life in a holistic and sustainable manner. Through a more positive attitude towards life, your vibration frequency will increase and easiness as well as new positive situations can occur in your life. Your feeling of self-worth will improve and you will be strengthened at all levels. This means that you will perceive the world around you differently, you will find your way back to yourself and realise your true potential. 


Once positive feelings, new beliefs and approaches have been integrated into your system, even your body can get healthy naturally. Physical complaints and symptoms can dissolve and the body can heal.


Place/Remote session:

For a private session, you can either come to my place in Starnberg or you can also book a remote session by phone, Skype, Facetime etc.

Cost and duration:

The cost of a private session is EUR 120 incl. VAT. A session lasts 1 hour.



For an onsite session payment shall be effected in cash.

For a session by phone or Skype payment will be done in advance via PayPal or wire transfer.


Intensive Transformation (Session package):
If you have several issues that you wish to transform, an Intensive-Transformation-Package may be helpful. We arrange a session package of a total of 3 sessions of 1 hour, each with an interval of two weeks. Within one month, you will experience an intense transformation and an enormous increase of your energy.

For the package you can choose from all my techniques (Thetahealing, Soulreading, Soulhealing, Trancehealing) and tie it up as you like.
The price for a session package is EUR 350 incl. VAT. 
Payment is made in advance via wire transfer/PayPal or in cash.