Soul Reading

The Soul Reading technique is as old as humanity itself. It deepens the connection between you and your Soul. A Soul Reading session allows you to catch a glimpse of the depths of your Soul and it expands your consciousness.

When I do a Soul Reading, I connect with your Soul and I receive the information that can help you look at your life from a higher perspective. Depending on the client and the topic, I generally perceive words, images or emotions which will be passed on to you. A natural effortless flow of informations may arise, no matter if you have asked further questions or not. Our higher consciousness only provides us with information on our current inner developmental process and with messages that can be supportive and helpful in the present moment.

A Soul Reading session will have beneficial, motivational, supportive, clarifying and sometimes transforming effects on your life.


Through a Soul Reading you will recognise your true nature and you will be reconnected with the wisdom of your Soul. Patterns, issues and blockades can be made aware and transformed. This brings clarity and power into your life and you will come back into the flow of love.


A Soul Reading can be supportive for all topics, but it can especially be helpful if:

  • You want to know who you really are and what you have decided to experience as a Soul
  • You want to know what your real talents and abilities are (discovering the inner treasure)
  • You feel disorientated on different levels
  • You have health issues and you would like to know the deeper background
  • You are in a transitional phase and you would like to know where your path leads
  • You have relationship issues
  • You have questions about your personal and spiritual development

What can be the effects of a Soul Reading:

  • You'll realize who you really are and you can live your true Self
  • You'll discover and live new gifts and talents
  • You'll understand your life better and you'll realize what changes are necessary to make up
  • You'll regain connection to your Soul and you spirits
  • You'll draw into your life, what is really meant for you
  • You'll discover your self-esteem and you'll be able to love yourself more and more
  • You'll become a master of your life and discover your creative abilities

I would be delighted to join you in this wonderful journey to your Soul.


Place/Remote session:

For a private session, you can either come to my place in Starnberg or you can also book a Soul Reading session by phone, Skype, Facetime etc.

Cost and duration:

The cost of a private session is EUR 120 incl. VAT. A session lasts 1 hour.



For an onsite session payment shall be effected in cash.

For a session by phone or Skype payment will be done in advance via PayPal or wire transfer.


Intensive Transformation (Session package):
If you have several issues that you wish to transform, an Intensive-Transformation-Package may be helpful. We arrange a session package of a total of 3 sessions of 1 hour, each with an interval of two weeks. Within one month, you will experience an intense transformation and an enormous increase of your energy.

For the package you can choose from all my techniques (Thetahealing, Soulreading, Soulhealing, Trancehealing) and tie it up as you like.
The price for a session package is EUR 350 incl. VAT. 
Payment is made in advance via wire transfer/PayPal or in cash.