Soul Reading

The Soul Reading technique is as old as humanity itself. It establishes  a connection between you and your Soul. A Soul Reading session allows us to catch a glimpse of the depths of the Soul and expand our knowledge.

Each person carries around certain life patterns which could come from childhood or which are self-imposed. These patterns are memorised by our subconscious and sometimes they may block and disrupt our life. Undissolved patterns can manifest, for example, as diseases, discontent, depression, uncontrolled outbursts of emotions and so on. These are clear indications by our Soul that we are doing something wrong. A Soul Reading

session will have beneficial, motivational, supportive, clarifying and sometimes transforming effects on our life.

During a session, in a state of deep centeredness and inner peace I open myself up for communication with the higher consciousness.

Depending on the client and the topic, I generally perceive words, images or emotions which will be passed on to you. A natural effortless flow of informations may arise, no matter if you have asked further questions or not. Our higher consciousness only provides us with information on our current inner developmental process and with messages that can be supportive and helpful in the present moment.
Through a Soul Reading old structures and patterns can be made visible and you are made aware of them. At the same time true healing is activated at the level of the Soul. This healing process can produce a sort of chain reaction allowing us, once again, to face daily challenges.

During a session I place myself at the disposal acting as a spiritual channel in order to make you aware of your true potential. A Soul Reading session brings new aspects into your life und provides different ways of wholeness at all levels of being.

Session Charge: EUR 100. 
Duration of a session: 60 min.