In a SoulHealing private session I accompany you on your journey of self-discovery and support you to become aware of what corresponds to your own truth and the power of your soul.


The SoulHealing modality is a synthesis of the two contemporary healing techniques ThetaHealing and Soul Reading, as well as other powerful tools that help you on your path of awareness, self-healing and development of your potential.


At the beginning of a session, we discuss your issues and what needs to be changed. It does not matter whether it concerns a physical issue, relationship issues, career challenges, financial difficulties or something similar. The SoulHealing is a holistic modality and it works on all levels.

In the next step, I connect myself with a higher consciousness, the source of all being, and get information about your energy field. The sense behind this perception is to get to the bottom of the causes for blocks and unwanted life circumstances.


During the session, you can relax and I will pass on to you what I perceive. At the same time, I also transmute blocks with your consent. The causes are transformed by removing the energetic blocks that are running in the background. In most cases, these are traumas that can simply be transformed without having to painfully relive them.


In addition, in SoulHealing there is a whole range of techniques and possibilites that can be used to achieve more awareness and inner wholeness.

It is possible, for example, to communicate directly with your soul and retrieve information from it that can help you live in more alignment with it. It is also possible to get in contact with spiritual beings who are at your side and supporting you. Furthermore, we can get information about your Divine Timing. The Divine Timing is some kind of life task you choose before you came to this earth.


Ultimately, you decide for yourself how to use these inspiration for shaping your future.

You have everything in you to experience health, love and fulfillment in your life. It's all about releasing all that prevents you from living your true nature, following your heart, and unfolding your soul's power.


SoulHealing is a contemporary and efficient healing modality that supports your personal blossoming. It is like an exciting adventure of self-discovery, heart opening and potential development.


Place/Remote session:

For a private session, you can either come to my place in Starnberg or you can also book a remote session by phone, Skype, Facetime etc.


Cost and duration:

The cost of a private session is EUR 120 incl. VAT. A session lasts 1 hour.



For an onsite session payment shall be effected in cash.

For a session by phone or Skype payment will be done in advance via PayPal or wire transfer.


Intensive Transformation (Session package):
If you have several issues that you wish to transform, an Intensive-Transformation-Package may be helpful. We arrange a session package of a total of 3 sessions of 1 hour, each with an interval of two weeks. Within one month, you will experience an intense transformation and an enormous increase of your energy.

For the package you can choose from all my techniques (Thetahealing, Soulreading, Soulhealing, Trancehealing) and tie it up as you like.
The price for a session package is EUR 350 incl. VAT.

Payment is made in advance via wire transfer/PayPal or in cash.