Sensitive Coaching & Essence Consultation

As a sensitive coach I accompany you on your path towards yourself and support you to recognise what corresponds to your own truth and the voice of your heart. You will, then, become aware of your real needs and your true nature. 


My highly sensitive perception allows me to look at a specific topic or your personal situation in a wider context, from different angles and from another perspective. Of course, you alone decide what you do with these inspirations and how you want to take your further path. 


During the coaching process I will be considering your uniqueness and will assist you in dealing with your concerns. My perception will allow me a more differentiated view on the issues that you perhaps may not be aware of. 


By listening carefully to your concerns, asking specific questions and holding short guided meditations, old patterns and obstructive blockages will be tracked, transformed and dissolved. 

You will then regain access to your inner voice, learn to be more aware of and to trust her. This will connect you with your inner compass that guides you at any time. 


To accompany you along this path to yourself in a holistic way, within the session and beyond, I use the highly 

resonating Cosmomediterra Light for Life Essences as energetic supporters. They are truly effective and bring harmony, stability and strength into the whole human system. 


After our conversation you will also receive a mixture of essences put together especially for you. This essence combination may be used at home over the longer term to solve blockades and difficult topics in a gentle way.

These wonderful, luminous energetic supporters work on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. I myself am repeatedly fascinated by the effectiveness of these essences. 


In addition to the energetic aid, I'll provide you with simple methods to help strengthen the self healing powers, keeping inner stability and a positive mental attitude. 


This path is an exciting adventure of self-discovery, heart opening and the unfolding of the inner potential. It will bring clarity, self-confidence and inner peace. 


Session Charge: EUR 90 p. hour (including essence mixture) 

Duration of a session: 60 - 90 min.

Charge for essence mixture without a Sensitive Coaching session: EUR 18 (plus shipping costs if needed)