Psychic writing

When I do I psychic writing for a client, I connect with the Higher Self and the spiritual guidance of the person and I receive words and messages that are of great importance to the person that is seeking help. 

It is a writing process of receiving, in which I make myself available as a healing channel. During the process I write everything down what is transmitted to me from higher levels of existence. Most of the time, it is a flow of information flowing right through me into my fingers or the computer keyboard. 

During the writing process, other "side effects" such as emotions or clear images as well as clear knowledge can occur and will be included in the written text. 


Through the flow of writing in an extended state of consciousness, very moving and highly-energetic written messages may arise. These written texts can have great healing power and touch clients deeply. 


While reading the healing messages, in the client blockades can be solved and a development of consciousness can happen. Mostly, I am also allowed to reveal who are the companions in the spirit world, that support and guide the client at that stage in life. In this way, new connections with the spirits may emerge and the confidence in divine assistance can grow. 


Basically, everything can be asked what you have on your mind. Yet, these healing message can be particular helpful when dealing with: 

  • Disorientation, reorientation, seeking for new paths in life 
  • Topics of health 
  • Periods of crisis, times of change and transformation 
  • Partnership issues, family affairs, general relationship issues 
  • Personal development
  • Spiritual development 

Through the written messages, new perspectives and solutions can be outlined easily and submitted very quickly by email or letter. I often heard from clients that the energy of the written text works before reading or even opening the email and that these energies rapidly provided a broadening of the horizon. Some people also told me that after reading the messages they had a greater feeling of security, new hope and deep peace. 


You can submit your request or your questions either personally, by phone or email. I will then send you the received healing messages by email or letter, according to your request. 

Charge: EUR 60