Client testimonials


"The healing session has changed so many things for the better and I would like to express my profound gratitude to you. Now, I'm living out all that I've felt inside for many years,  and there is such a great feeling of happiness. Besides, my physical complaints are completely gone and I feel really good."



"Finally I find the time to e-mail you. I am still totally inspired by our session. The trauma we managed to release was like a heavy stone that's completely gone and everything is in flow now. It's really incredible and I'm so thankful for this experience."



"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for last week's session. Right after that I went for a walk and I had a permanent grin on my face. I feel very well. The relationship with my partner has improved and I was even able to forgive a former friend. Overall, I have to say that I currently only feel a small part of fear in me, because the gratitude for what I have and my returning health is much more present."



"Christina, I am deeply grateful to you for today's TranceHealing session. I'm feeling much better now and I felt like I had a kind of re-birth. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"


"It's been three weeks since our ThetaHealing session and I think I am making progress. I have more energy every day and my appetite has returned. I see my path much more clearly now and have the power to look ahead again. "



"Two weeks ago I received a healing session. Since then, much has happened. I have the feeling as if a kind of knot was untied in the longlasting conflict between me and my daughter. I now do pay more attention to what I do and say and I am becoming more and more aware of how much everything is related to me. In any case, the session has initiated a very deep healing process. Thanks for this!"


"It's been half a year since I had a session with you. After the session I felt much lighter and more exhilarated and some things in my life have changed. But the best was that a few weeks later the apartment that we had manifested in the session showed up. Thanks from all my heart!"



"I'd like to get back to you and say thank you. You helped me a lot and things have changed so much in the last few months. Knowing who I really am and what my mission is here on earth was a life changing experience. I now know which path I want to go and what I want to share with the world. Through the soulreading session, a whole new world has opened up for me, a dimension that I have always felt, but could not grasp. Now I'm getting to know myself better and better. Infinite thanks."


"I feel really great and I am always happy about new insights after our sessions. I am amazed when I think about my development and inner growth since I first met you. Looking forward to our next contact, I will certainly get back to you soon."



"Christina, I would like to thank you again for the Soulreading session. It's been half a year since then, and I can tell you that a lot happened exactly as you told me. To me, you're a great gift!"


"It's been three weeks since our trance healing session and I can now tell you that I haven't had any back pain since then. My sleep has also improved and that means a substantial increase in the quality of life for me. Thank you very much for your support!"



"For a couple of years, I've been suffering from bad panic attacks that put a lot of strain on my daily life. After trying some other healing practices, I found Christina. Her peaceful energy and confidence made me feel comfortable right away. After only two sessions, my situation had improved considerably and today I'm feeling better than I have been for a long time. I'm so grateful for the gift I have received."
Claudia Alexandra


"Thank you so much for your kind email. After reading your words, I had the feeling that something was changing in me.  I immediately felt more confident, calmer, more relaxed and secure. It's pretty crazy, but your words have an enormous effect. Thanks for your love and support."



"Since our trancehealing session two weeks ago, I am much more relaxed and open and my connection to the spiritual world has also improved. Everything is in a flow now.

I am also more relaxed about my turnover and find my job much easier. Physically, I have the impression that things are slowly getting better and that I am more balanced. Thank you for this valuable experience."



"I would like to say to you, Christina, that I'm really grateful for what you have done for me. After the healing session, I had so much energy and felt so incredibly free. You have done me a lot of good, and you still do. Continue like you are, because your are doing such a great job and I'm pleased for anyone who finds the way to you!"



"Christina, Thank you so much. I would not have managed all this so fast without you and the Thetahealing sessions. In the sessions, we were able to release so many issues, so that in my life many things have settled by themselves. I am so grateful for the small and big miracles that were allowed to happen."


"Today I would like to say thank you for all your support. Since I have started seeing you one year ago, a lot has changed in my life. I have much less fear and when some delicate situation occurs in my life, I take everything much calmer and more relaxed. Also, you helped me a lot with a trancehealing session. My gall is now completely free and the gallstones have suddenly disappeared. "


"Christina could help me quickly with an acute problem I had at work. Her words, energy and positive radiance provided clarity and serenity. Her email and words worked instantly and I felt calmer and stronger. Thank you so much for granting me such a wonderful opportunity to change my life."



"The Soulhealing session one moth ago has helped me a lot. It gave me a new boost of energy and strength to better face the challenges in my life. Above all, I now have more confidence in myself, in my soul, in my intuition and my next steps. I am looking forward to the next sessions, because I would like to find my own inner truth more and more."


"Christina, Thank you so much for the Soul Reading. The session was so wonderful and I am feeling much lighter, more aligned, and so rejuvenated after speaking with my soul. I'm so grateful for your help!"



"I'm really grateful to have found you, and after each session I realize how I feel better and better and how my life is changing positively."


"For me, the healing session with Christina was an extraordinary experience. Her highly vibrational energy was transferred over to me and brought me to a crucial mental block that could be looked at and dissolved with ThetaHealing. With Christina's empathic nature and her strong psychic abilities we were able to loosen the issue in an easy way. The healing session had a deep impact on my life. Many thanks!"



"Thank you so much for the message from the highest Divine levels. Your words touched my heart deeply and my essence, the Soul. It is a beneficial and encouraging confirmation of my own path."



"These might sound like big words, but the coaching sessions with Christina have actually changed my life. With empathy and perspicacity, she perceived the most important issues at the right moment and gave me valuable advices which brought me to significant insights. During this process, I've learnt a lot about myself and this gave me the strength to change things to the better. The Cosmomediterra-Essences have supported me on this path. Thanks a million for your caring and authentic guidance!"



"For two years now Christina supports me and my five year old son. I'm really amazed to see what has changed in my life since then. I have a more loving relationship with my child, I could effortlessly change my job and I am learning step by step to say no and to be more able to distance myself from things. I've discovered how to move through life with more grace and ease. Thank you for your loving, competent support!"



"Through the ThetaHealing sessions with Christina, I was able to release different issues one by one. It is impressive how free and relieved I feel after negative beliefs have been erased and replaced by new positive ones. I am very thankful for this experience."



"After the healing session, I felt very light, calm and connected. Since then my thoughts have become more and more positive and I am happy most of the time . I've learned to communicate my feelings so that my family can better understand my reactions. Thanks for your excellent support!"