Christina vikoler

My Name is Christina Vikoler, I was born in the Italian province of South Tyrol and I'm currently living in Starnberg south of Munich, Germany.
Since my early childhood I have been fascinated by the great themes of life and all questions of meaning. I always had a deep intuitive knowledge of the truth between heaven and earth and of human awareness and potential. Even as I child I was able to perceive finest vibrations and could feel what was really behind facades of human beings. Whenever I sensed that situations were not in right balance, I got physical and mental pains. For me, it was just natural to recognise hidden connections and show people their problems, but also their strenghts and talents.

During my youth, reading books helped me to learn new things, understand different issues and expand my knowledge. At university, I studied German Literature, History and Book History. As I always had a passion for writing and books, after my graduation I worked for many years in the publishing industry. Besides university studies and profession, I intensively engaged myself in spiritual issues and attended various training programs. This process brought me closer to myself and my inner being. I learned to develop my inner resources and to trust more and more my inner voice of heart. 


In my life, I had to face various processes of transformation in which my values and everything important in my life were turned upside down. I therefore try to keep an open attitude towards life, true to the famous phrase of Socrates „I know that I know nothing“.


Through my inborn clairvoyance I am highly sensitive, I have a compassionate heart and I'm a very good listener with a great sense of humour. 


It is my absolute mission to bring people back into their power and to show them the richness of love, wisdom and strength in them. For a life of freedom, joy and peace.